2017 Bucket List

I just love new beginnings! You get a clean slate, a blank page and in terms of travel, a promise of more great adventures to come!

Time to get organized to get the ball rolling! For me, this means starting the year with a new travel bucket list as I enjoy having a guide and keeping track of my ‘progress’.

Here’s what I came up with for 2017:

1. Visit a new continent, a new country and a new local destination

Since I put these 3 goals on my bucket list every year, I might as well mention them first to get them out of the way. New continent? I only have 3 left — Australia, Africa and Antartica. New country? Oh, there are still lots to cover! New local destination? I’m thinking of exploring more of the Philippines’ Visayas region. Iloilo? Guimaras? Cebu? Samar? Leyte? So much to choose from, so little time!

2. Bring my brother with me on a trip

In 2015, I brought my mom with me to Batanes, the northernmost island group of the Philippines. And in 2016, I took my sister with me on a Halong Bay cruise in Vietnam. This year, it’s my brother’s turn to tag along! Where shall we go? Hmmnn.. It has to be a place, where we can enjoy the great outdoors! Any suggestions?

3. Tour a vineyard

I’m no wine connoisseur but for some reason, the idea of seeing how wine is made really appeals to me. So this year, I plan to stroll among grape vines, visit a winery and sample different kinds of still and sparkling wines — hopefully, without getting drunk.

4. See the Northern Lights

They say we are nearing the end of the solar cycle, which means the Northern Lights won’t appear as bright and as frequent in the coming years. Obviously, I became alarmed when I heard about this. Thus, for 2017, I’m making it my mission to get my butt to the Arctic Circle in order to catch this stunning natural phenomenon on display. Fingers crossed that it won’t be too late!

5. Stay in a luxury hotel / resort

While I don’t mind staying in budget-friendly accommodations, at least once a year, I like treating myself to a bit of bling and a hint of glam. Thus, this year, I plan to check into a hotel or resort oozing with luxury or old world charm.

6. Try glamping

Apparently, the glamping trend is catching on in the Philippines and lots of glamping sites are popping up throughout the country. I want to check out a few of them so I’m vowing to reserve a couple of weekends this year for road trips and one-on-one sessions with Mother Nature!

7. Fly a microlight

Flying is one of my greatest passions. Some people might find it terrifying but soaring high above the ground absolutely thrills me! I’ve tried paragliding and riding a chopper already so this year, I want to ride an ultralight plane! I’ve read that it’s quite affordable so I’m giving it a go.

8. Visit more filming locations of The Game of Thrones

Last year, I visited The Game of Thrones filming locations in Northern Ireland, UK and it was one of the best experiences of my life! I can’t wait to see the other places that were used — or are still being used — as backdrops by this hit show. Who knows.. Maybe I’ll get lucky and visit while they’re in the middle of filming seasons 7 and 8!

9. Explore a new UNESCO World Heritage Site

There are close to a thousand UNESCO-listed sites all over the world and I haven’t even seen a tenth of them! I’m not sure how long we, humans, will have the power to protect these cultural/natural monuments so while they’re still there, I want to go see and enjoy as many of them as I can!

10. Buy new camera accessories

Our family finally moved on from our bulky DSLR to a lighter mirrorless camera. Now, we just need lenses — a flexible lens, a wide angle lens and a telephoto lens! I wonder how much these are going to cost me..

Over to you, what are your travel plans this year?

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