Must-have: Travel Treats

If traveling is your serious passion, then from time to time, you’ll find yourself giving in to certain luxuries to make the experience better than ever.

This doesn’t just apply to booking first/business class flights, staying at five-star hotels or eating in Michelin-starred restaurants. It also applies to purchasing items you don’t really need — even if they’re inexpensive.

And since I’m guilty as charged, I’ve listed down a few items that I just had to have simply because a) they’re cute and b) they keep my strong desire to travel the world alive:

GoPro HERO4 Silver + Accessories



I have an iPhone 6 and a Canon DSLR already so any sane person would point out that I don’t really need a GoPro. But you see, I have this dream of going shark cage diving in South Africa and if ever that pans out, it would call for a small, waterproof camera to capture every amazing moment. Hence, I found myself desperately needing and buying a GoPro. I didn’t stop there too. I bought a Smart Remote and a 3-Way Mount (which can be used as a camera grip, extension arm or tripod) to complement my new action cam. While I have yet to go shark cage diving, my purchase didn’t go to waste. I have used my GoPro a couple of times already — for capturing photos and videos while swimming or zip-lining. And guess what, I’m ready for more adrenaline-packed adventures!

The Daily Edited Monogram Leather Travel Accessories


I sort of have an obsession with the 2 Ms: monogram and monochrome. So when I chanced upon the Instagram page of The Daily Edited and saw all their beautiful monogrammed leather products, I had to get my hands on them. So yeah, I went online, ordered a passport cover and luggage tag in black with my initials in gold, had them shipped from Australia, paid the Customs taxes and never looked back. Now, I absolutely love and treasure them! They’re classy and chic! Enough said.

Daydream Republic ‘Pin My Travels’ World Map


I’ve been looking for a world map for years. Why? I don’t really have a clue but I’ve always wanted one. So I squealed like a little girl when I came across local brand, Daydream Republic’s pretty canvas maps. They’re perfect bedroom decors for travel junkies! The best part: They come with pins so obsessive compulsive wanderlusters (like me), who enjoy making lists of places they’ve been to, can easily keep track of their travels. I got the Canvas World Map in Playful, which only costs PHP900, because I adored the funky colors.



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